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1. What is Toast To Humanity?

Toast To Humanity International creates unique cause branding marketing and sales programs in the wine, wine-related, and lifestyle industries whereby we are creating a universal brand that always gives back to charitable causes worldwide and helps build your loyalty in your brands!

2. What causes will Toast To Humanity support?

Toast To Humanity is a fundraising arm that helps augment funds for non- profit organizations that are providing services for humanitarian causes worldwide. Charities so far that have benefited from Toast To Humanity include the International Centre For Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC), Habitat For Humanity, The US Navy and we intend to help many more. Toast To Humanity will look each year to align with various charities around the globe that need our support.

3. How do suppliers and wine-related sponsors benefit from their participation?

Participating sponsors get a full omni-channel media program that helps sell their brands direct to consumers. Some of the packages may include s opening night wine premieres at several film festivals and Broadway Across America as well as airline and hotel partners purchasing our wine to cross promote the Toast to Humanity concept. Wine/Spirit participants will also have the opportunity to purchase "Toast To Humanity Wine” neck tags as well as the right to wear our Toast To Humanity Seal to place on their bottles. These tags and seals acknowledge their affiliation with this unique cause branding vehicle and their support of raising funds for charities globally and the remainder goes into promoting the Toast To Humanity Wine Brands and Partners.

4. How did Toast To Humanity come about?

Toast To Humanity was created by Bonnie Skop as a way to combine her passion for the wine and entertainment industries with her experience in helping charitable organizations via cause branding marketing/promotions and productions. The concept of Toast To Humanity started when she missed her flight out of Toronto, Canada and met a flight attendant who was talking up their wine consultant for their airline. The flight attendant encouraged Skop to speak with him about a wine promotion. Immediately upon her return home, she quickly developed a concept to present to the Delta Airline wine Consultant, Ken Chase. After presenting the idea, Mr. Chase then helped expand on the idea by helping to assembly a worldwide team of experts who could help make their concept a reality. With the vision and direction of the Toast To Humanity Board of Directors, Toast To Humanity has now become one of the most unique and ambitious cause branding promotions in the wine and wine-related industry today.

5. What plans are there for growing this event?

The plan is to begin by getting our board more involved in raising Toast To Humanity to new levels. They will be key to making this take off. Related to this is our plan to get more and more brands involved every year and to create a universal brand that always gives back. Additionally, more and more media outlets will be approached to align with this unique concept. Toast to Humanity will always be on the cutting-edge of unique cause branding programs.

6. Where does the money go and how much has been raised thus far?

Now that Toast To Humanity is a non-profit, 501(c) 3, the money will funnel through the foundation and then directly to the charity partner(s) that the Toast To Humanity Board of Directors feels fits into our fundraising platform for that particular year. Since our inception in 2002, Toast to Humanity has raised over $5mm in both direct funds and media exposure for our charity partners.

7. What other causes will Toast To Humanity support in the future?

The causes that we decide to support in the future will be totally up to our board and what they feel is most appropriate. We will always have certain key criteria involved in the decision-making process. One example is that the organizations that we partner with must have a reputation and track record that is beyond reproach and that they act as true partners.